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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Complete game for Kris

A standup triple for Bubba

August 16, 2006: Columbus Clippers 3, Richmond Braves 1

Kris Wilson pitched a complete game last night, giving up only one run.

Bubba got things started early. Playing CF and batting in the two-hole, he hit a triple in his first at bat, then came home on a groundout by Aaron Guiel. Would have been an RBI triple, except Kevin Thompson got picked off 1B while Bubba was batting. KT is very speedy, but not a terribly good baserunner.

Bubba didn't have much success at the plate after that (lining out, then striking out swinging and looking). Still, can't really complain about a triple and a run scored.

Bubba is now leading the Clippers in slugging:


.310 .375 .552 .927

Aaron Guiel played 1B, and hit a home run.

The Clippers play again tonight at 7pm.

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