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Tuesday, August 15, 2017


The High Falls in Rochester, NY

There's a pretty waterfall in downtown Rochester, NY. The Genesee High Falls. It used to power their industry back in the day. Now it’s a park. An old railroad bridge has been made into a pedestrian bridge that you can view the falls from.

Anyway, it’s pretty close to Frontier Field. Walking distance. And there’s a parking garage between Frontier Field and the falls. Parking is free in the garage (at least on weekends - not sure about evenings). You can pay $6 to park across the street from the ballpark, but I recommend parking in the city garage for free instead, and stopping off to see the falls.

I went to scenic Rochester, NY to see Tides play the Red Wings. (That's the Rochester Red Wings, the Twins' AAA team, not the hockey team.)

Janish made a really nice play Saturday night, laying out to rob Twins top prospect (and IL player of the month) Zack Granite of a hit. Holding up the ball so the umpire can see he made the catch:

I wanted to get a nice shot of him on defense, seeing as it’s probably my last chance. That was the best I could do in the low light. He moves too darned fast, even at his advanced age. ;-)

Some photos from Sunday's game. (The lighting was a lot better, since it was a day game, though there was a lot less action to photograph.)

Warming up before the game...

During the national anthem.

At bat.

They light up the falls with colored lights at night.

The High Falls in Rochester, NY

I should have gone to the lookout on the far end of the bridge after the Saturday night game. I bet the post-game fireworks would have looked great. Next time...

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