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Sunday, August 27, 2017


Wow. The flooding in Houston is unreal. They're calling it "worse than the worst-case scenario."

The last time I was in Houston, Brays Bayou had hardly any water in it. It was just a huge, mostly empty canal. Now it's overflowed and is flooding Houston.

This storm really is unprecedented. It reminds me a bit of Hurricane Charley, which was supposed to be Cat. 2, but "bombed out" right before hitting Florida, and made landfall as a Category 4. But with Harvey, it's not the winds but the rains that are disastrous.

And they are still predicting the storm will loop out to sea, then back over Houston. CNN is reporting that double the amount of rain they've gotten so far will fall in the next two days.

The Minnesota Twins have three players on the roster from the Houston area. Including Tyler "The Doof" Duffey. He said his neighborhood, the Westbury section of southwest Houston, is holding up well. Jason Castro lives near Rice University, and Robbie Grossman lives downtown. They said some streets have flooded but their homes are okay. Castro grew up in Cypress, which has significant flooding, but says his parents' house is safe.

Houston is calling for boat owners to help out with water rescues, and hundreds have responded. It's like Dunkirk. (Hopefully without the shooting.)

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