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Sunday, June 18, 2017


Paul Janish was the hero in Friday's Norfolk Tides game. With the game tied in the bottom of the ninth, he hit a blooper over the second baseman to drive in the winning run, sending his former team, the Louisville Bats, to defeat.

They interviewed him yesterday before the game. They asked him if he felt any pressure, coming to bat in the bottom of the 9th with the game on the line. His response was, "Nah, I just didn't want to play extra innings."

The announcers loved that answer, but I guess the baseball gods were not amused. The game after that interview went 16 innings. Both teams ended up using position players as pitchers. (Not Janish, alas.) Hernan Iribarren pitched three shutout innings for Louisville. Jesus Montero (yes, the former Yankees catching prospect) pitched the last inning for the Tides, and took the loss.

Janish did not play in today's day game. He probably wouldn't have anyway, it being a day game after a night game, but after 16 innings, I'd have been really shocked if they started him again.

And it's possible he'll get another call up tomorrow. Orioles shortstop J.J. Hardy was hit by a pitch on his wrist in today's Orioles game, and the x-rays are reportedly "not good."

Hardy is likely headed to the DL. They could let Ruben Tejada make most of the starts at SS, or they might move Manny Machado to SS and let Tejada cover 3B. In any case, they'll need another backup infielder. It could be Janish getting the call, or another Norfolk player. Luis Sardinas is another possibility, though Janish has hit better and is better on defense. Johnny Giavotella has hit very well in Norfolk, but his glove is so bad it almost cost him his spot on the Tides during spring training.

Another possibility is that they'll call up Pedro Alvarez to play 3B if Machado moves to SS. Alvarez has been in a deep slump this season, and his glove is so bad the O's are trying to transition him to right field. But El Toro has an opt out clause, and the O's may be reluctant to lose him.

Hoping it's Janish...


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Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Orioles DFA Paul Janish

Former Braves teammates Paul Janish and Chris Johnson at an O's spring training game

Well, I have to say, I wasn't expecting this. Paul Janish was called up by the Orioles about three weeks ago, when utility infielder Ryan Flaherty went on the DL with shoulder inflammation. I figured his roster spot was safe until Flaherty came off the DL.

But the O's had other plans. They acquired Ruben Tejada from the Yankees, two days ago. They announced he was being assigned to AAA, but today purchased his contract and designated Janish for assignment.

Janish has had all of five at-bats in his three weeks with the O's this year, so it seems odd that they would even bother to switch utility infielders.

Unless they are hoping Tejada can be more than a utility infielder. JJ Hardy has been really struggling this year. And it's the last year of his contract. Baltimore may be hoping Tejada can be the starting SS, at least part of the time.

Janish can refuse a minor league assignment and elect free agency if he clears waivers, but I expect he will report to Norfolk. He has in previous years, and this year, he's moved his family to Norfolk. It sounds like the Orioles have offered him a coaching job once his playing days are done.

Here's a short interview MASN did with Janish last weekend.

He talks about finishing his Rice degree, interning in real estate, and wanting to stay in the game even after he retires from playing. And about what a great experience winning the CWS was, and how he's still good friends with the guys he played with back then. (He said that when he was in Cincinnati, too: that winning the CWS with Rice was the best experience he ever had in baseball, because they won it all.)

Roch Kubatko had another interview with Janish the other day, that was kind funny. Janish said he wanted to be the emergency catcher and the disaster relief pitcher (roles he filled in Cincinnati). Kubatko warned him it could be dangerous. The O’s have had to put two catchers on the DL injuries. Janish said he’d be okay, because with two boys and a girl, he’s not planning on having any more kids.

Good ol’ Janny, always ready to take one for the team. Maybe he'll get called up again later this year.

Meanwhile, the Reds activated Tony Cingrani today. He's been on the DL for a couple of months with an oblique injury. The Reds have given up on Cingrani starting; he's just not durable enough. But he's been solid out of the pen, at least when healthy.

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