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Monday, September 05, 2016

Closing Day

Paul Janish turns a double play for the Norfolk Tides

If the first game of the season is on opening day, then the last game must be on closing day, right? Today is "closing day" for AAA. There's still the postseason for teams that have made it, but for most minor leaguers, the season is over.

Unless they get called up to the big leagues. The Orioles say they are still considering calling up Paul Janish. They seem to really like him, but they're facing a bit of a roster crunch, and they have other needs. Lots and lots of other needs.

If they don't call Janish up tomorrow, I assume they will send him to Sarasota to work out with the other players they are keeping warm on the backburner in case they are needed. Though Janish was not on the roster by August 31, he can still be added to the postseason roster if he replaces someone on the DL.

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