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Monday, March 16, 2015

Cingrani to the pen

The Reds announced today that Tony Cingrani will be moved to the bullpen. He does not seem happy about this. I think he really wanted to be a starter.

But his heavy reliance on his fastball has raised red flags for many. Not to mention his recurring shoulder issues. I think there's some concern that if he pitches multiple innings, fatigue will increase his risk of injury.

Meanwhile, former Red Paul Janish has healed much faster than anticipated. He played in a minor league game last weekend, and DH'd in the "B" game yesterday.

He's DHing because the Orioles didn't want him to throw across the diamond yet. There was some talk of using him at 1B, where he wouldn't have to throw as far. Though he's now throwing 120 feet, so if he's not ready now, he's close.

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Here's some news you might find of interest - . And, I'm looking forward to some new posts (it's been a while) I hope all is well. - RM
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It looks the link I tried to add got zapped. The news was that Bubba is being inducted into the Rice Athletics Hall of Fame as part of the 2015 class.
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