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Monday, September 15, 2014

Omaha wins PCL Championship

2014 / Minda Haas
Photo by Minda Haas

Both the IL and the PCL went the distance this year. Omaha won Game 5 yesterday, so they are PCL champions for the second year in a row.

The announcers noted that Janish had been on the Rice team that won the College World Series in Omaha eleven years ago.

There's one more game: the one-game PCL vs. IL championship, played in Charlotte, NC this year. That's tomorrow night.

As for whether Janish will be called up after Omaha's season is done...I haven't a clue. They could definitely use some infield depth in Kansas City, but Ciriaco might get the call, rather than Janish. It's also possible they'll try to stick with Colon, broken finger and all.

If I were the GM, I'd pick Janish. But then, if I were the GM, I wouldn't have let the team go without a backup SS for most of the season. Anyways, Janish has a better glove; Ciriaco's been a better hitter, but not that much better. But Ciriaco was called up when rosters expanded last year, and that's probably an advantage. They know him.

It might be moot, anyway. The Royals are collapsing, and are in danger of missing the postseason. I feel so sorry for their fans. They got their hopes us this year. If they are dashed, it's going to be ugly. The natives are definitely getting restless.


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