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Sunday, August 31, 2014

Tonight's deadline

Paul Janish, Eric Hosmer, and friends

Well, the Reds traded Jonathan Broxton to division rival Milwaukee today. It was evident well before this, but that trade makes it official: put a fork in the Reds, they're done.

Tony Cingrani still has not thrown a pitch since mid-June. He has some kind of shoulder problem. Which is apparently much more serious than they thought at first, or at least that they let on.

No reason to rush him back now, that's for sure. Hopefully he'll be healthy and ready to go next season.

For teams with more hope than the Reds, tonight is the deadline for setting up the roster for the postseason. Rosters expand tomorrow; any player you want to use in the postseason must be added to the roster tonight.

In theory. In practice, any player anywhere in the team's organization as of midnight tonight is eligible for the postseason, if they are substituted for someone on the DL.

The Royals plan to add three players to their roster tonight, all young prospects. Not sure how they will make room, but they have only three players on the DL. And one of them, Hosmer, is expected to be back for the postseason, so it's really two spots for roster substitution. Most teams have more. Some even stock up the DL at the deadline, to increase their options. This might be bad news for Paul Janish's chances of making the postseason roster.

The Omaha Storm Chasers game is in rain delay now. They have a good chance of making the PCL post season, so the Royals might want to wait to call up players until after it's over. But they're going to have a bit of a roster crunch, at least if they want to use any of the late callups in the playoffs.

I dunno, normally, I'd expect Janish to have a good chance of being added to the postseason roster. But the Royals are different. Maybe it's because they're not used to being in the postseason, but they don't seem to be doing the kinds of things teams usually do in their situation.

Not to mention, they're kind of collapsing. They might let their postseason opportunity slip away.

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