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Friday, June 20, 2014

Cingrani sent down

Tony Cingrani was demoted to Triple-A Louisville today. It's not really a surprise. He's struggled with injury and ineffectiveness this year. He was moved to the pen, and when he walked in the winning run in extra innings against Pittsburgh the other day, the handwriting was on the wall.

I assume he'll go back into the starting rotation with the Louisville Bats. The Reds still have faith him; with his injury history and all, I'm guessing they want him to work things out in the minors, where there's less pressure.

He'll be back soon enough.


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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Buried in the minor league depths

After a slow start this season, Paul Janish is having himself a pretty good June. He's hitting .320 / .333 / .520 for the month. Good for a .853 OPS - not bad for a middle infielder.

It's been pretty fun to watch. He hit a double and a triple last Saturday. The triple was down the right field line, even. Nice to see some oppo power.

Thursday, he hit two of which probably would have been a double, except the third base umpire couldn't get out of the way. Ouch.

He had two hits again yesterday.

And the defense is thing of beauty. Turned four double plays on Thursday. I guess they're not used to him in the PCL, because people always seem so surprised at his range.

Unfortunately, I don't think the Rockies are going to call him up. They've got Charlie Culberson, Ryan Wheeler, and Josh Rutledge as backup infielders now, and while none of them have Janish's glove, they all have options.

Supposedly, the Rockies plan for the season was to have a good defensive backup infielder so they could rest Troy Tulowitzki regularly without worrying about the infield defense, but that seems to have gone by the wayside. They seem more concerned about offense now, having lost so many of their big boppers.

Troy Tulowitzki sprained his toe yesterday; the Rockies are waiting on the results of an MRI to decide whether he needs a DL stint or not. Even if Tulo is DL'd, I expect it will be Kyle Parker, not Janish, who is called up. Parker is on the roster and has options. And he's probably the best hitter in Colorado Springs not named Ben Paulson. (Paulson is not on the roster, either.)

Janish has a July 1 opt-out. I'm guessing he'll use it.


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