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Sunday, May 25, 2014

What's wrong with Tony Cingrani?

Tony C. in the Reds St. Patrick's Day uni

Tony Cingrani has struggled since coming off the DL. Many people thought it was a "phantom DL" trip - the Reds needed room on the roster, and Cingrani is still on innings count. He'd have to skip some games anyway.

He hasn't pitched very well his last two games. He and his manager blamed it on his having missed so much time.

But it looks to me like his velocity is down a bit. Perhaps intentional, to gain more control?

It's also possible that the book has gotten around on Cingrani, and his deceptive delivery is no longer so deceptive. He lives off his fastball, and might have to start using his secondary pitches more often.

The Reds are going to have one too many starting pitchers when Mat Latos gets off the DL next month. It's looking like it might be Cingrani sent down to AAA to make room for him.


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