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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Six years ago today...

Paul Janish got his major league debut.

It was quite the barn-burner. The Reds were sitting on what seemed like a comfortable 6-0 lead going into the ninth. Then Mike Lincoln and Francisco Cordero combined to give up 6 runs in the ninth. The game went to extras.

It was still tied in the bottom of the 10th. Joey Votto and Edwin Encarnacion struck out. David Ross came in to pinch hit for Jared Burton. He walked. Paul Bako also walked.

With Janish coming to the plate, they put in a pinch runner for Ross: one Johnny Cueto.

Janish singled to right, scoring Cueto. Reds with the walkoff win!

And Ryan Freel was so excited he accidentally kicked Janish in the face while jumping around. Janish got a bloody nose. And a shaving cream pie in the face (don’t remember who did that). It turned pink when it mixed with the blood, so he was running around the field with pink cream on his face.


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