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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


Though Thomas Harding of wrote as recently as today that Janish can opt out of his minor league deal if he's not on the 25 man roster by opening day, Troy Renck says Janish's opt-out doesn't kick in until July 1.

If true, that makes me a little less optimistic about his chances of making the opening day roster. I think he'd be the best fit, as the only true SS, but who knows if the Rockies see it the same way.

I have noticed that Janish has gotten a lot less playing time over the last few days. He's getting into every game, but not for long. He got only one at-bat yesterday, and today he didn't get any (though he did play a couple of innings at 3B).

Makes me think that the Rockies made up their minds about Janish last weekend, one way or another, and don't feel they need to see more of him. Not sure if it's good news or bad, though.


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