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Monday, September 23, 2013

Well, the Braves clinched yesterday, and Paul Janish got into the beer and cigars. :-)

The Reds seem likely to be headed for the one-game playoff, but it's still possible they'll win the division outright...or not make the postseason at all.

Tony Cingrani has suffered a setback, which is a real blow for the Reds. Their last series is against the Pirates, the team they're currently tied with for second place in the division (two games back of the Cardinals). That means this last week of the season will have a playoff atmosphere. Dusty Baker will be forced to decide whether to save Latos for the one-game playoff, or hope there's a chance to win it all and start Latos against Pittsburgh during the last series of the regular season.

Currently, Latos is penciled in for Friday, with Greg Reynolds starting in Latos' usual spot on Wednesday. But that may change if it looks like the Reds have no chance of taking the division. The Thursday off day gives Dusty some wiggle room, and he could save Latos for the one-game playoff if it looks like the Reds have no chance of taking the division by then.

Would have been a lot easier if Cingrani were healthy. Not to mention...he's the Reds' only lefty starter. The division-leading Cardinals are the best in the NL against righties, and second to worst against lefties (only the Marlins have a lower team OPS). The Reds are still hoping Cingrani will be able to contribute in the postseason, but right now, it's not looking good.

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