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Thursday, August 22, 2013

The injury season

Maybe it's the time of year. Toward the end of the long season. Players are getting worn down. For whatever reason, there seem to be a lot of injuries lately.

Tony Cingrani was pulled early with a back strain. Apparently, he'd been dealing with it awhile, but didn't say anything. Didn't want to be benched.

Reds don't seem to think it's too serious, but they might want to rest Cingrani anyway. He's getting up there, innings-wise. Though there's really no one to take his place. Reds are still in the thick of the division race, so it will be hard to take Cingrani out of the rotation if he's healthy enough to play.

The Reds have also lost Jonathan Broxton, the guy who was supposed to close if Chapman became a starter. Broxton needs surgery (not TJ) that will keep him out six months. His season is done.

The Braves have had some horrendous luck lately. Jason Heyward was hit in the face with a fastball, and whether he'll make it back for the postseason is questionable. And Brandon Beachy had some kind of setback; Will Carroll thinks he tore his elbow again and will need another Tommy John surgery. That's terrible news if it's true; only 20% of pitchers come back after a second TJ surgery.

The Braves acquired utility infielder Elliot Johnson in a waiver claim, and he's starting at 2B today in place of Janish. Johnson is out of options, so Janish might end up optioned back to AAA next week when Dan Uggla returns. It will only be a short while, I'm sure. Rosters expand soon.

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