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Friday, August 23, 2013


Man, the Braves really have no faith in Paul Janish's bat. Even with a 14-game lead in the division, they don't want to let Janish start at 2B for the week or so until Dan Uggla returns.

Elliot Johnson did play well yesterday. His glove looked very good. And he hit two singles, which must have felt good after he was booed off the field his last game with KC. (Harsh treatment for a backup infielder, but he was 1 for his last 51, and had an error in the game.)

Still...the fact that the Braves got him off waivers means every other team in baseball passed on him. The Braves have the best record in baseball, and are in the NL, which means every AL team was ahead of them, regardless of their record.

But Johnson's starting at 2B again tonight, and Janish is on the bench. Boo!

I'm guessing this means Janish gets sent down when Uggla comes off the DL next week. Johnson is out of options. Won't be for long, but still.

The Braves also traded for former Yankee Freddy Garcia today. I guess he's their emergency Brandon Beachy replacement.


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