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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Holy cow, Paul Janish

Kevin C. Cox

Paul Janish started at 2B yesterday, and made this amazing play. Might have saved the game.

I'm reminded of this article from last year, which quoted a scout about Janish:

"His RBIs are in his glove. He has quick feet. He's poised, and he executes all the plays he needs to make.

He wants it hit to him with the game on the line. He positions himself well and his instincts enable him to have better range on both sides, and on popups."

It was hit to him with the game on the line, and he came through. Wow.

His RBIs might be in his glove, but he singled and scored a run, too. Nice game for him.

The Atlanta broadcast pointed out during the game that both starting second basemen were products of Rice University. It was of course Anthony Rendon at 2B for the Nationals. Janish scored from second on Rendon's throwing error. Rendon went 2 for 3, so he had a pretty good night, too, aside from the error.

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