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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hugs for Votes

Braves wearing t-shirts in support of Freddie Freeman

The Braves circulated the above photo of Braves players wearing t-shirts reading "Hugs for Votes," supporting first baseman Freddie Freeman's All-Star campaign.

Reminded me of this photo, from the Reds' 2010 campaign in support of Joey Votto:

The Braves had a day game after a night game today, and finally gave shortstop Andrelton Simmons a day off. Tyler Pastornicky started at shortstop. That really surprised me. Last year, the Braves traded for Janish and used him as a starter, even when Pastornicky was available and on the 25-man roster.

Assuming Janish wasn't sick or something, this doesn't seem to bode well for his future with the team. Either they've completely lost faith in his bat, or they've gained new respect for Pastornicky's glove.

Braves start their last series before the All-Star break tomorrow...against Janish's old team, the Reds. Should be an interesting series. I hope Janish gets a chance to play. He might be back in Gwinnett after the break, when Evan Gattis comes off the DL.


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