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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Job Security

Atlanta Braves Paul Janish (left) and right fielder Jason Heyward celebrate after their victory over the Royals on Tuesday night. (Charlie Riedel / The Associated Press)

Well, Ramiro Pena will undergo season-ending surgery. Looks like Paul Janish will be staying with the big club. Ironically, Pena will be undergoing the same kind of surgery Janish did last fall: surgery on his shoulder to repair a torn labrum. Unlike Janish, it's on his throwing arm.

I suppose the Braves might decide to keep Tyler Pastornicky instead, but I'm guessing they go with Janish. Pastornicky is thought to have a better stick, but they need a backup infielder who can play defense. Andrelton Simmons will need the occasional day off, and the Braves clearly don't trust Pastornicky to hold down the position. More crucially, they need someone who can be a LIDR for Chris Johnson, who is epically, historically bad at third base. Pastornicky has never played third, and probably doesn't have the arm for it.


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