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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Janny's got a gun

Freddie Freeman and Paul Janish (Photo by Jamie Squire)

Paul Janish has been coming in as a LIDR replacement for the defensively challenged Chris Johnson. It paid off in the ninth inning Friday night, when Janish knocked down a ball smashed up the line, and somehow picked it up, jumped to his feet, and threw the runner out. I didn't think he'd get the runner, but it wasn't even all that close. He's really got a good arm.

There's an article here about the role the Braves see for Janish. It's as you would expect: LIDR for Chris Johnson and primary backup for Andrelton Simmons.

"[Janish] might be the all-time best defender I've ever been around at multiple positions," Braves manager Fredi Gonzalez said. "We saw it long term last year at shortstop. We asked him when we brought him up if he could play third base, and he said, 'Yeah I'll go over there.' He's played a little bit of it. But he's terrific."

Janish could soon make a spot start to provide Simmons a chance to rest. But it appears most of Janish's playing time will come as a late-inning substitution for Johnson, who has provided consistency at the plate and concerns with his defensive ability at third base.

"It's a luxury to have that kind of guy who understands his role, which he does, and Chris is good about it too," Gonzalez said. "Janish, you're comfortable with him and he knows the game. It really works out well."

It does sound like Janish will take over Ramiro Pena's job for the rest of the season, despite speculation that Tyler Pastornicky would get the nod instead.


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