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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Gwinnett Braves

Well, look's like it's official: Paul Janish will be assigned to the AAA Gwinnett Braves once he comes off the DL.

[Ramiro] Pena was signed as a utility infielder in the offseason after Paul Janish had shoulder surgery, because the Braves knew Janish would need at least six months to recover. Janish could be ready to play in early April and will go to Triple-A Gwinnett and play shortstop when he’s ready.

Kevin McAlpin of the Braves Radio Network said Janish played in a rehab game with the AA team today. He was 1 for 2 with a double to LF.

I'm kind of surprised Janish is playing in rehab games already. They said earlier that they wanted to wait until he was six months past his surgery. And McAlpin said earlier that Janish would not be cleared to play until the end of the first week of April.

At least if all goes well, I'll be able to see him play with Gwinnett when they come to Scranton in early May.


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