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Monday, March 18, 2013

Janish Update

There was an update about Paul Janish during the Braves game the other day. The announcers asked Fredi Gonzalez about him. Fredi said that since the surgery was on his left arm, he can take fielding practice and throw the ball. They don't want him hitting yet, though. They're afraid he'll damage his newly-repaired shoulder with an awkward swing. Fredi said they're trying to get him past the six-month point: six months after the surgery, he should be able to swing the bat again. The surgery was in October (I think early in October), so his ETA is early April.

The announcers mentioned a couple of weeks ago that Janish was a great find for Braves; great glove, occasional big hit, and a personality that's a perfect fit for the Braves clubhouse. But I wonder if he might end up being traded. Ramiro Pena seems to be making a good impression. The Braves can't carry both Pena and Janish; they are too similar. One of them will either be stashed in Louisville or traded.

Mark Gonzalez, the White Sox beat writer, thinks the Pale Hose might try to trade for Janish. They're in search of a backup SS, and Janish fills the bill.

Well, that would be better than the Cardinals, at least in Reds fans' eyes...


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