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Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Javelinas Win

The Peoria Javelinas hung on to defeat the Salt River Rafters and take the Arizona Fall League championship, though it was not without controversy.

Anthony Rendon was 1 for 4, but the one was a triple to the wall. Reds shortstop turned center fielder Billy Hamilton hit the wall hard but missed. He chased after the ball, threw it back in, and then collapsed. He was down for a quite awhile, before walking off the field supported by two coaches.

He's a gamer. He was clearly in pain from the moment he hit the wall, but he ran the ball down anyway, holding Rendon to a triple instead of an inside the park home run. They announced after the game that it was "lower back spasms." He came out onto the field to celebrate the victory with his teammates, so I guess he's all right.

He said afterwards, "There aren't walls when you play shortstop, but I better get used to that."

Well, there might be a wall or two at shortstop...


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