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Friday, November 16, 2012

Elvis has not left the building after all?

Jay Bruce's hometown newspaper, the Beaumont Enterprise, had an interview with him yesterday. He's hosting a golf fundraiser Monday, and it sounds like he expects Paul Janish to be there. I'm kind of surprised Janish can golf so soon after shoulder surgery. A good sign, I guess, if he can.

Meanwhile, Mark Berman has an article about Lance Berkman. Many were expecting Berkman to retire after this season, but it sounds like he's thinking about coming back. He'd like to play for his home town Astros, and since they are moving to the AL, he could DH. He's not ruling out going to another team, though. Sounds like the health of his knee and the amount of money he's offered will determine if and where he returns.

He's currently working as a volunteer coach at Rice. He really likes it, and might become a Rice coach full time once his MLB career is truly over. The Astros say they also want him as a coach.

Berkman is also hoping to finish his Rice degree next fall.

That reminds me of this interview with Norm Charlton, who famously has three degrees from Rice.

Q: Do you ever think of coaching high-school ball or anything?

Charlton: Coaching high-school ball, no. Because I would have to go back to college and get my teacher's certificate. I do have three degrees from Rice — political science, religion and physical education. I spent 3 ½ years in college with three majors and that was enough. My degrees were all about the money. Political science, I'll talk it out of you. Religion, I'll preach it out of you. And if that doesn't work, phys ed, I'll beat it out of you.

Bwahahahaha! He sounds like quite the character.

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