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Thursday, November 29, 2012

A pleasant surprise

There's an article about Paul Janish at Braves Journal.

...sometimes you make a move that you don’t expect much of, and you get pleasantly surprised.

That’s how I felt about Paul Janish. Pleasantly surprised. I remember watching him with the Reds and wondering how he had a job, then hearing the Braves had traded for him and were inserting him at short until Andrelton Simmons came back from his thumb injury. I wondered why they didn’t try Pastornicky again, or Prado, or anybody else. And then being continuously, pleasantly surprised with him every step of the way.

It's kind of a nice article. Though I think he's wrong about Janish's walk rate. It hasn't fallen as he's advanced. Quite the opposite, really. There's a couple of outliers, but overall, he's walked more as he's advanced, and his 9.1% for the Braves this year is pretty close to his minor league average of 10%.

I also think he's wrong about Janish's baserunning. Janish doesn't have blazing speed, but he's pretty smart on the basepaths. Using SB and CS is misleading. Not only is it a really small sample size for Janish, it's skewed by all those caught stealings that resulted from those blown hit and runs Dusty was so fond of.

The article says Janish's roster spot is set in stone. I'm not so sure. But tomorrow's the nontender deadline, so I guess we'll find out soon.


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