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Sunday, April 15, 2012

When your personal trainer is a murderer

So, I was reading this article, about a man convicted of murdering his girlfriend.

In October 2011, Rick Wayne Valentine, aka Bryan Stewart, went on trial. The first witness to testify for the state was Andrea Aardsma.

Aardsma? That name sounds familiar. Could it be...?


Juan Martinez: What does your husband do for a living?

Andrea Aardsma: He is a professional baseball player.

Back in 2010, she and her husband, David--then an ace pitcher for the Seattle Mariners -- were in Scottsdale during the off-season. Andrea worked out at Gold's Gym five days a week and her personal trainer was Bryan Stewart.

Yikes. That would seriously creep me out.

Good on her for helping convict the guy, though.


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