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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Last minute heartbreak

Man, poor Todd Frazier. After being told he had made the roster...they took it back.

I guess that's life in baseball, but cruel.

Meanwhile, Hall of Famer Hal had this to say about Paul Janish:

THEN THERE IS the other side of the coin, a sad side. There is no nicer guy, no harder worker, than Paul Janish. But his days with the Reds probably are over.

He was optioned to Louisville after losing a battle he probably couldn’t win with Zack Cozart for shortstop.

Cozart was pretty much given the job this winter after his showing with the Reds for a short period last season. It was his job to lose. And he didn’t lose it. While Janish, too, had a good spring, Cozart had a good one, too, and cemented his hold on the job.

Janish lost the job last season. He, too, was given the shortstop job before last season, but proved over the long haul that he couldn’t hit major-league pitching.

Look for him, too, to be traded, but it wasn’t because he didn’t work hard, give it his all.

Not sure why he thinks Janish won't be back. He could be next year's Wilson Valdez. Actually, if you look at their career numbers, they are very similar hitters. Janish actually has more home runs than Valdez, despite having much less service time. Janish is younger, and a better defender, so why not?

Maybe Hal just doesn't think of Janish as a backup. He says Janny was competing with Cozart for the starting SS job, but really, I'd say he was competing with Valdez, for the back up role.

I dunno, maybe Janish wants to be a starter and would want to be traded or released next year. Maybe the Reds would want to give him that opportunity. But usually the team that drafted and developed you will give more of a chance than the others. He could do worse than stay with the Reds.


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