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Monday, April 30, 2012

Janish to the DL

Paul Janish was hit by a pitch in the 7th inning on Saturday. It looked like it hit him on the left hand, and it looked like it hurt. He dropped his bat and kind of dropped to the ground. The trainer came out and looked at him, and he stayed in...for a little while. He got to 2B on a single, then to 3B on a sac bunt. Then was pulled from the game for a pinch-runner.

He was out of the lineup on Sunday, but told radio announcer Matt Andrews before the game that he didn't think anything was seriously wrong. He was being held out of the lineup for "precautionary" reasons, and might be back Monday.

He wasn't back Monday. Instead, he's on the DL with a broken wrist. Ouch.

They said it was a right wrist fracture, but it really looked like it was his left wrist that was hit. The minor league DL is 7 days, but I have to assume he'll be out longer than that. How much longer, who knows. Wrist fractures are so variable. Players are out anything from a couple of weeks to a year or more, depending on which bone is fractured and how badly. Hopefully it's not too bad, since they apparently didn't send him to get x-rayed until office hours today (instead of going to the emergency room on Sunday). And I really hope it's not a hamate fracture, like Andy Phillips suffered. That injury is notorious for sapping a hitter's power for a year afterwards.

What a bummer for Soft-J. He was playing so well.


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