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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Still in the mix?

Paul Janish being rained on at third base

Paul Janish just missed hitting a home run today. He crushed one off lefty Jason Lane.

(You can see the ball in the upper left of the photo.)

It hit the yellow line...

...and bounced off.

Another inch or two, and it would have been a home run. It was about 50 degrees and raining. On a more typical Cactus League day, it would have been gone. Instead, it was Janish's third double of the year.

The Reds' first cuts were today. No real surprises. Most of the cuts were prospects who were not expected to make the roster. Journeyman pitcher and former Yankee Brett Tomko was among those cut. I believe he signed a minor league deal, so he'll end up in AAA (unless he has an opt out clause).

Dusty Baker on Janish:

Baker said Paul Janish remains in the plan — if he hits.

“You try to see progress,” Baker said. “Last year this time, he was tearing it up. He’s still in the mix. He’s still in the mix big time. If he improves on his hitting, this guy is a big league shortstop. If we didn’t have a guy like (Zack) Cozart, we’d probably be waiting on Janish to get it together.

“The way the sport and world is now, there’s not a lot of patience.”

Baker hasn’t tried Janish in the outfield yet. Janish is willing to play there to add to his versatility.

“But I’m sure he could do it,” Baker said.

Funny that Dusty says Janish was "tearing it up" last year at this time (implying that he's not this year). I actually think Janish is hitting better this year. He's more the player he was in the minors: good plate discipline with occasional power. Last year, his batting average was better, but he had no power and didn't walk. It was weird, because that's not the kind of player he's been most of his career.

Last year, Janish hit just one extra base hit in spring training (a double). He only walked twice. In roughly half as many games and plate appearances so far this year, he's already got three doubles and six walks.

The numbers:

2011 .286 .314 .306 .620
2012 .261 .414 .391 .805

Clearly, this year's numbers are better. Unless you're only looking at batting average. Which maybe Dusty is. Sigh.


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