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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Good news and bad news...

Photo from Better Off Red

The Reds played their first spring training game today. Paul Janish did not start, but he ended up playing more than the starter. Zack Cozart was pulled after a couple of at-bats, and Janish played the rest of the game. He went 1 for 3, which meant he hit better than any of the other shortstops. (Cozart and Valdez were both hitless.)

The bad news: he booted an easy double play ball in top of the ninth, which let the go-ahead run score. Todd Frazier homered in the bottom of the ninth, and the game ended in a tie.

It's only the first game of spring training, but still...not a great way to start out, for a guy whose strong suit is defense.

The game ended in a tie because the Reds were all out of pitchers...though the announcers joked that Dusty could put Janish on the mound again.

They also talked about how different it was for Janish this spring. Last year, he was the starter. This year, he probably won't make the roster.

Though never say never. Will Carroll, in his Reds health report, has Cozart red-lighted.

He should be ready for spring training, but it's hard to call him anything but very risky until he proves he's all the way back. Paul Janish is a tolerable insurance policy if Cozart isn't quite ready.


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