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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Down to the wire

Sounds like the Reds are having a tough time making their final decisions. I can't believe they are seriously considering sending Mike Leake down. Sending him down for five games just to keep a position player until they need a fifth starter doesn't make sense, either. I wonder if they are trying to trade a player. Perhaps Wilson Valdez? The Phillies have said they wished they hadn't traded him. And the Reds may not need him any more. Zack Cozart is healthy, Didi Gregorius impressed this spring, and Janish has hit very well. Or maybe it's Juan Francisco they're hoping to trade. He's been in Dusty's doghouse big-time, for showing up overweight and out of shape.

Paul Janish is starting at SS tonight. The game is the "Free Game of the Day" at MLB.TV.


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