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Thursday, January 05, 2012

Good news for Janish?

Reds beat writer John Fay thinks the Reds might stick with Janish as their backup shortstop. GM Walt Jocketty has said he wants a veteran backup.

It’s down on the list after closer and outfield bat. In other words, there’s a chance they never get to it. What made me think about it is Jack Wilson is still out there. Could be a fit, right? Then I looked at his numbers from last year: .243/.274/.285.

The Reds can probably get that from Paul Janish for considerably less money. Janish hit .214/.259/.262 last year.

Fay thinks Janish is too skinny to play every day, and will hit better with more time off:

Janish is lean and tends to get worn down. That may have been why he was so bad last year.

I'd never heard that skinny guys wear down. If anything, you'd think it would be the big guys who'd suffer more from wear and tear. I'd guess Fay's getting that theory from the Reds, though.

I think Walt would be fine with Janish as the backup if the Reds had an established starting SS. But presumed starter Zack Cozart has played only 11 games in the big leagues, and didn't exactly light up the minors. With the Reds trying to win during the "Votto window," I'd guess Walt's going to sign a veteran backup who can take over for Cozart if needed.


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