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Thursday, November 03, 2011

Phillips-Janish fifth best double play duo

From Reds beater writer John Fay:

Bill James rates Phillips-Janish fifth

For anyone who watched the 2011 World Series, it’s no surprise that the AL Champion Texas Rangers had the best double-play combination in baseball. Elvis Andrus and Ian Kinsler totaled 29 Defensive Runs Saved between them—tops in the majors. But the Cincinnati Reds totaled 15 Defensive Runs Saved by their keystone combination, good enough for top-five status (tying them with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim).

Paul Janish (8) was tied for sixth-most, and Brandon Phillips (7) was tied for seventh-most in Runs Saved at their respective positions. Seattle’s Brendan Ryan (18) led all shortstops, while Tampa Bay’s Ben Zobrist (17) led all second basemen. But together, Janish-Phillips formed the fifth-most deadly double-play duo in the majors. And over the past three years, Janish has proved himself the ninth-best defensive shortstop with 19 Runs Saved over that time (Ryan, with 65, is #1).

As I understand it, Baseball Info Solutions' "defensive runs saved" is like UZR; there's no adjustment for playing time. Obviously, a part time guy like Janish will not be able to prevent as many runs as a similar full-time guy. That means Janish's ranking is pretty impressive, considering how little playing time he's gotten over the past three years.


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