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Monday, October 10, 2011


MLB Trade Rumors analyzed the Cincinnati Reds arbitration situation. They think Jared Burton is likely to be non-tendered, but predict that all the rest, including Paul Janish, will be tendered contracts.

Many of the remaining arbitration eligibles disappointed in 2011, but will probably be tendered contracts. A projected salary rundown: Masset ($2.4MM), Volquez ($2.3MM), Bailey ($1.8MM), Arredondo ($1MM), Janish ($800K). Janish seems the most likely of this group to be non-tendered, but I think his defense and low salary will save him. The Reds could trim payroll by trading a few of these players though.

That's more than I expected Janish to be offered. The roster math suggests he'll start the year in AAA, so that's pretty good money. He deserves it, IMO. He had a bad year this year, but was worth a lot more than his salary the previous two years.


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