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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

This & That

Former Yankee Mark Melancon pitched two innings last night for the Astros. He went to Houston as part of the Lance Berkman trade last year. Apparently, he's the Astros' closer now. He got the win in extra innings. His wife was in the hospital, giving birth to their first child, so at least he'll be able to tell the kid he was winning a baseball game when he was being born.

Another former Yankee, Octavio Dotel, was Melancon's opponent. The Cardinals ran themselves out of the game, making a couple of dumb outs on the basepaths. Also, Dotel is a terrible fielder, and the Astros seemed to know it. The Astros win prevented the Cards from tying the Braves in the wild card race. Instead, they're one back with two games to play.

I'm kind of hoping both the AL and NL wild cards go to a tiebreaker. The Reds Sox are already planning to start Jon Lester on short rest tomorrow. They'll really be screwed if they have to play a tiebreaker.

Joe Savery played last night for the Phillies. Fans who weren't familiar with his story were amazed that he started this year as in infielder in A-ball. Of course, it's not like he had no experience with pitching at higher levels. ;-) He seems to be doing well in his LOOGY role.

Paul Janish is starting at SS tonight against the Mets. Thanks, Dusty. I won't be able to watch tomorrow's day game, so I'm glad Janish is playing tonight instead of tomorrow. (I would guess Edgar Renteria will start tomorrow.)

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