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Monday, September 26, 2011

Shoulda kept Pendleton

The Yankees lost in extra innings tonight. The ghost of "Everyday" Scott Proctor gave up 3 runs in the 14th.

Strictly speaking, it didn't matter. The Yankees have locked up the division, home field advantage, etc. They are just playing out the string and setting up the roster for the playoffs. And they might actually be better off if the swooning Sox make the postseason, instead of the hot Rays.

But I have to think it matters psychologically. When you've been playing to win for 14 innings, it's got to be deflating to lose. Especially to the Sox.

And I can't help thinking that the Yanks would have been better off keeping Lance Pendleton, lost via a waiver claim to Houston, instead of Scott Proctor.

Rays and Cards now both one game back in the wild card. The wild card races are wild this year. I'm a little envious. September of 2005 remains one of my fondest baseball memories. When the AL East went down the last day, and every game for a month was like a playoff game. It was nerve-wracking, but thrilling beyond belief.

UPDATE: Looks like Pendleton had a pretty rough day at the office himself. I'd still have kept him instead of Scotty.

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