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Monday, September 05, 2011

Rosters expand

Rosters expanded September 1, and today was the last game for most minor league teams, meaning a few more players were called up now that they're not needed in AAA.

The Yanks called up Lance Pendleton on the first, though he hasn't had a chance to play yet. Also called up: "Everyday" Scott Proctor. He signed a minor league deal in mid-August. He has gotten a chance to play since being called up, and hasn't exactly been lights out. Fairly or not, many think Joe Torre ruined his arm; he's struggled with injury the past few years.

Scott Proctor, of course, came over with Bubba Crosby from the Dodgers, in exchange for Robin Ventura. I liked Ventura, and was so upset when the Yankees traded him. (I was rather naive about baseball at the time, and didn't understand that Ventura had to go.) Everyone thought Cashman was a genius, getting both Proctor and Crosby for Ventura. I was heartbroken.

I got over it. :-)


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