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Friday, September 09, 2011

Pendleton claimed by Astros

The Yankees DFA'd Lance Pendleton on Tuesday. Poor guy didn't even get a chance to play after being called up.

Some sources said he was DFA'd to make room for Ramiro Pena, but that can't be true. Pena was on the 15-day DL. He was already on the roster. No one had to be booted to make room for him.

Rather, it looks like Pendleton was cut to make room for George Kontos. I really don't get it. I suppose they wanted Pendleton "just in case," then called up Kontos once the AAA season was over. But why bother? If they wanted Kontos, why not call him up to begin with, and let Pendleton finish the season in AAA? It's not like the Baby Bombers were headed for the playoffs this year. If the idea was to give Pendleton a last look, well, shouldn't they have let him pitch?

Pendleton didn't clear waivers. He was claimed by his hometown Astros. I guess they really like him. They took him in the Rule 5 draft last year, though they ended up returning him to the Yankees.

Now they can keep him without putting him on the 25-man roster.


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