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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Waiting on Irene

A variable message board along the highway

The city that never sleeps is coming to a virtual standstill. The entire public transportation system - buses, subways, commuter rail - will be shut down.

I am not in the NYC area, but I made some preparations, just in case. Storm surge won't be an issue for me, but the wind and heavy rains could mean power outages - that last for days or weeks, not just hours. Though I'm hoping it won't come to that.

I went out early this morning - about 6 am - to get some supplies. I filled up the gas tank (refineries are closing due to the hurricane), and got some cash from the ATM (power outages might mean credit cards don't work). I also stopped by the grocery store to get some nonperishable food that doesn't need cooking.

Usually that early on a Saturday, I'm the only one in the store. Not today. It was mobbed. It's a good thing I was already stocked up on batteries, candles, and flashlights, because the shelves were bare.

Little AAA batteries were still available, but the all the C and D batteries were gone.

The bottled water section had also been denuded. I have a shelf full of bottled water already, so I didn't need any. And heck, you can just fill up some empty soda bottles from the tap.

I think I got the last two cans of vienna sausage in the store. The large jars of peanut butter were gone; they had only little ones left.

I still have to clean up my back deck - take in or tie down the patio furniture, and bring in the flower pots so they don't become missiles. Other than that, I'm about as ready I'll ever be.

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