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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Reds win a wild one

Crazy game last night. Paul Janish had very nice night. Two for five with a double and two runs scored.

He also had some great plays on defense, including a diving stop up the middle.

He even had a stolen base. He's not a very speedy guy, but he’s a good baserunner. Got to first base in the 8th inning on a hustle single, stole second base, then got to third on a Miguel Cairo bunt. It was ruled a single, but really, if the Pirates had gone for Miggy at first instead of Janish at third, they'd have gotten an out. Janish got a good jump and slid in ahead of the tag. Janish then scored on Brandon Phillips forceout. The first run of the game for the Reds that scored without a home run.

The Reds pen was awful, which is why the game was such a roller coaster. The pen just couldn't hold a lead. But offense and defense went all out. Left it all out on the field.

I've been critical of Dusty Baker for playing to win in a lost season, instead of playing for next year, but after this game, I can understand why he wants to win, even though the postseason is likely out of reach. It would be different if the players were playing like it didn't matter, but they're not. They're still playing like it matters, and it would be very hard not to give them the best chance to win, even in "meaningless" games.

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