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Saturday, August 06, 2011

Put a fork in 'em

Not a great day for the Cincinnati Reds. The lowly Cubs kicked their butts. Their ace, Johnny Cueto, had a terrible outing. The Yonder Alonso left field experiment isn't working. Todd Frazier did not look like the third baseman of the future. Brandon Phillips collided with Drew Stubbs; I suspect Phillips will miss a game or three.

Paul Janish didn't get into the game until it was all over but the shouting, but he didn't have a great at-bat, popping out to shortstop against lefty John Grabow.

It's only one at-bat, but it's puzzling, how much he's struggling against lefties this year. He's hit lefties better than righties throughout his minor league career, and in the big leagues...until this year. I used to say that if he hit righties as well as he hit lefties, he'd be an All-Star. Not true this year. His splits are reversed this year. He's hitting only .163 / .200 / .186 against lefties. A fluke of small sample size, or have the other teams' scouts found a hole in his swing?

However he hits, Janish's roster spot is likely safe. Zack Cozart had to shut it down when he tried to take batting practice for the first time yesterday. He will have to have surgery, and I think the Reds will eventually admit that it might as well be sooner rather than later. With Brandon Phillips' sprained ankle, the Reds are rather short of infielders. Outfielder Chris Heisey also went on the DL today; center fielder Dave Sappelt will take his spot.

The Reds are now playing for next year. They are nine games back, and I think even Dusty Baker accepts that they won't make the postseason this year. That being the case, I hope he plays the younger guys, including Janish. Renteria won't be back next year. Might as well give Janish a second chance. And see if Yonder Alonso can figure out left field, and Todd Frazier can be an everyday third baseman. At this point, why not?


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