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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Janny's got a gun

Paul Janish made a couple of great plays last night, at the expense of former teammate Jonny Gomes. In the fifth, Janish scooped up a ball that shot past third baseman Miguel Cairo, then fired it across the diamond, just getting Gomes, who was so mad he threw his helmet. Man, what an arm.

The ninth inning got a bit hairy. It looked like the game was slipping away, especially after Janish slipped making a sliding stop, and bobbled a Jonny Gomes grounder for an error. But before fans could even draw breath to call Janish a bum, he turned this great double play (with Gomes sliding in hard). And just like that, the game was over.

Beat writer John Fay's headline: Janish saves it for Cordero, Cueto.

Even Dusty Baker was impressed.

"That was a great play by Jannie with Jonny Gomes bearing down," Baker said. "He did get him pretty good (with the slide), but Jannie got a good throw off."

The Fangraph tells the story:

Look at that last spike. It's Janish's error, followed by the double play. Talk about a game turning on a single play!

Janish did all right at the plate, too. He was 1 for 3 with a walk - not bad against a tough pitcher like Ross Detwiler.

Janish is in the lineup again tonight, even though he's limping a little after being taken out by that slide. It's not like the Reds have a lot of choice. He's the last true shortstop on the 40-man roster who's healthy enough to play


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