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Friday, July 01, 2011

Rob Neyer likes the Reds

Rob Neyer is now a believer - in the Cincinnati Reds. He says he didn't think they could reproduce last year's success. He's changed his mind, and now thinks they might win the division.

Why? For one thing, the Reds have the best run differential (+41) in their division.

For another, when I look at these fourth-place Reds -- granted, they're only three games out of first place -- I see some real upside.

Part of that upside: Paul Janish. Neyer thinks Janish has a good chance of hitting better than he has.

If Dusty Baker gives him a chance, anyway. Janish is on the bench tonight. Edgar Renteria is starting. Renteria has done reasonably well in his last couple of games, and Janish hasn't, so perhaps Dusty's playing the hot hand.

Sigh. I hope this means Janish plays the other two games of this series, but I have a feeling it means he'll play tomorrow and Renteria will play Sunday.

Meanwhile, the Reds' third round draft pick out of Rice, Tony Cingrani, is supposed to have his pro debut tonight. He's starting for the Billings Mustangs.

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