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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Janish starting at SS

Paul Janish is in the starting lineup tonight. I would guess this means Edgar Renteria will start in tomorrow's day game. Looks like Dusty's planning on starting Janish 1/3 of the time, and Renteria 2/3.

John Fay has a Zack Cozart update:

Zack Cozart’s left elbow is a lot better. He hopes to have immobilization brace off by this weekend.

“Hopefully, I can start baseball activity,” he said.

Cozart is still hopeful of being able to return within two to three weeks of the injury.

I'm reminded of what former Yankees (and current Red Sox) beat writer Peter Abraham used to say: whatever time the team or player tells you someone will be out with an injury, double it. If that holds true, Janish's roster spot might be safe until rosters expand September 1. In any case, he's been given a second chance. It's up to him to make it hard for Dusty Baker to leave him out of the lineup, and hard for the Reds to send him down again.


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