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Friday, July 08, 2011

Janish has reported to Louisville

Paul Janish in the Louisville Bats lineup tonight, batting 2nd and playing shortstop.

Mike Bauman has a little more of Dusty's comments on Janish.

"Paul Janish was putting a lot of pressure on himself, and his confidence was waning some," Baker said. "He needs to go down there and, more than anything, get his confidence together. He's definitely a quality shortstop, definitely a proven shortstop, one of the best there is, I think. It's just a matter of him getting his stroke together and his confidence together.

"Everybody has been pushing, pushing, pushing. We were still trying to get what we could out of Paul Janish. It wasn't fair to him, pushing for somebody else to take his job and he just got the job. Under different circumstances, had our offense been clicking completely, this might be a moot point. Even though we're among the league leaders in runs scored, we still have the potential to have a whole lot more offense here. And you know, Paul was one of the best-liked guys on this team."

Janish would probably have had a longer leash in another year. If the Reds were leading the division, or if they had no chance at the post-season, they'd have had more patience with him. But three games back, in fourth place, I guess they felt they had to make a move.

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