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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Deadline Day

The deadline's past, and the deals are done. Or not. A surprising number of deals seem to have fallen through at the last minute. Maybe it's the Facebook/Twitter effect. With news spreading through social networks like wildfire, the conventional media feel the pressure to get the story out quickly, rather than waiting to get it right. So they're jumping the gun a little.

The trading seemed especially feverish in the NL Central, with the Pirates, perennial sellers at the trade deadline, suddenly buyers. The Brewers are going all-out this year as well. And the Cardinals didn't let grass grow under their feet. The Reds, however, did nothing except send Jonny Gomes to the Nationals to make room for hot prospect Yonder Alonso. They are 6.5 games back, with three teams ahead of them, so perhaps Walt Jocketty has given up on winning this year. The odds don't look good...though the Reds suddenly are.

Cincinnati completed the sweep of the world champion Giants today, and it wasn't even close. I was surprised that Paul Janish wasn't in the lineup. Sunday is traditionally veteran's day off, and it was a day game after a night game.

Dusty has been putting Renteria in against lefties, and Renteria's numbers against Barry Zito are good (4-for-9, .444). Still seems odd he'd start him today. Complete loss of faith in Janish? Confidence that Cozart will be back soon, so he can use up Renteria? Desperation, with time running out?

Janish didn't help his case, unfortunately. He was subbed in in late innings because the game was a blowout, and got a fielding error when the ball took a bad hop. I think there's something wrong with the infield there. Orlando Cabrera and Edgar Renteria also missed balls that took weird hops today (neither was ruled an error, though they probably should have been). And Renteria had two fielding errors in one inning yesterday.

Janish got one at-bat today, and flied out to right. He went the other way and it left infield, at least, but it was still a one-pitch out.

I fear Zack Cozart's injury was as unfortunate for Janish as it was for him. Janish was just getting into a groove in Louisville, and he could have used a little more time there to build his confidence. Now he's in Cincinnati, not getting a lot of playing time, and not playing all that well on offense or defense. I still think he can be a major league shortstop, and would like to see him get that chance, but right now, the pressure seems to be getting to him, and not in a good way. Poor guy.


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