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Friday, June 03, 2011

The Yankees Magazine article

I've been on the road lately the last few weeks, but I came home today to find a Priority Mail envelope waiting for me. Could it be? Yes! Finally! The April 2011 issue of Yankees Magazine I've been pursuing for weeks. The one with the Bubba Crosby article.

Holy cow, it's awesome. I was expecting a relatively short article. I was hoping for a pic, but not counting on it. But yay, it's a pretty long article, with a boatload of really nice photos. Including one of Bubba with his dog and his wife. (Sorry, ladies - it appears he's married now.)

All in all, a very nice piece. I wish he got this much ink in his playing days.

Yankees Magazine is not what I expected. I thought it would be a typical sports magazine. You know, soaked in testosterone. Either that, or aimed at kids. But this publication seems to be aimed at a wider audience, including females. There's a really long article on a Yankees fantasy camp for women. (I'd love to do that some day. I'd suck, but I'd love to do it.) And even a recipe. A salad recipe, no less.

Anyways, the Bubba Crosby article is here. I'll have more comments on it later, but it's way past my bedtime, and I gotta be at work early tomorrow.


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