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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Learning to walk again had an article a few days ago, about how Paul Janish worked his way out of his slump.

"Originally when I got into the funk, I didn't really feel I was swinging the bat too poorly," Janish said. "Then I started to change some stuff around and became pretty result oriented and it kind of snowballed on me. I got into a funk and I found myself kind of lost at the plate for a period of time. Ten or 15 at-bats turned into 40-50."

Janish's strong glove kept his name in the lineup, and at the plate, he's been able to raise his overall batting average 30 points the past two weeks, but he's still batting only .233 with 18 RBIs. Neither Janish nor backup shortstop Edgar Renteria has a home run this season.

The adjustments have been more mental than physical. Janish, playing regularly for the first time in the Majors this season, let himself relax.

"I had put too much pressure on myself," he said. "I finally said, 'We've got nowhere else to go.' I'm finally starting to get some hits again and inch my way back up. Unfortunately, I kind of dug myself a little bit of a hole there. I do feel like I'm coming out of it though."

Might be too soon to say he's out his slump. He's hitting much better, but his numbers still aren't great. I can't help wondering how much rope the Reds are going to give him.

Today, GM Walt Jocketty was asked if Cozart's hot hitting down in AAA would force a move. He said no, the Reds are happy with what they have. (But then, what else is he going to say?)

And then, Janish was pinch-hit for in tonight's game. He was 1 for 2, but they still pinch-hit for him in the 7th inning. Probably because he popped out in a similar situation yesterday.

Power is reportedly down across the league this year, so perhaps expecting the return of Janish the Doubles Machine is unrealistic. I do wish he would walk more, though. He's had a good walk rate throughout his career (over 10%). This year, the walks have disappeared. He's down to around 3%. Returning to his career norm for walks would go a long way to fixing what's wrong with his hitting.


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