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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cozart getting his shot?

Reds beat writer John Fay thinks the Reds will call up Zack Cozart from AAA before the Reds travel to Baltimore for their next series. He says it's just a feeling. And he's been laughably wrong in his predictions in the past. But it's the time of year when callups happen, and the Reds shortstops have been struggling.

If Cozart is called up before rosters expand in September, then either Edgar Renteria or Paul Janish will have to be removed from the roster. Janish has options and could be sent down to Louisville, but Fay thinks Renteria will be DFA'd. He's not hitting or fielding as well as Janish, and Janish can play 3B, which Renteria can't.

If Cozart is called up, I don't know if he'd be the starter or the backup. I would guess they'd at least want to try him as a starter. Maybe they'd go with the two-headed shortstop tandem, as they're doing at catcher.

I hope they give Janish just a little more time. He had a truly dreadful May, but seems to be coming out of it. (He was 2 for 4 tonight.) But he's not hitting anything except singles, he's not walking, and weirdly, he's not hitting lefties like he usually does. I suspect he'd return to something near his career norms if given the chance, but the Reds may have run out of patience.


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Cozart vs. Janish:

The prevailing notion is that anybody is better than the guy we have, if our expectations are set too high.

Cozart is the grass on the other side of the fence.

Get used to it.

We can't wave a magic bat over the SS position and end up with Jose Reyes. Cozart is not better than Janish.

-- JohnU1
commented by Blogger John C. Updike, June 24, 2011 3:14 PM  

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