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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bringing Down the Horst

Interesting roster moves made in Cincinnati. Relief pitcher Jeremy Horst was optioned to Louisville today. Not surprising; with Sam LeCure activated, a relief pitcher was going to be sent down.

The timing is a bit odd, however. They made room for LeCure yesterday by optioning Travis Wood to Louisville. He's a starting pitcher who will be replaced by Homer Bailey, who is due to come off the DL. But Bailey is not supposed to pitch until Sunday. I'm kind of surprised they didn't keep Horst around until then.

Perhaps they are going to call up another arm (Aroldis Chapman's rehab period is over). Or another bat. But despite the speculation about Zack Cozart, he started tonight in Louisville. So did all the other likely suspects for a callup, and they all stayed in for the whole game. No one was pulled early.

To add the the intrigue...Chad Reineke was outrighted off the roster yesterday. He was already in Louisville; outrighting got him off the Reds' 40-man roster. He's not a hot prospect or anything, but again, the timing seems odd. The 40-man roster was at 39. There didn't seem to be a need to outright Reineke. The 40-man roster is now at 38.

So...just a little roster housekeeping, or are the Reds preparing to make some kind of move? If so, the signs are pointing to a trade rather than a call up, since the players most likely to be called up are all already on the 40-man.

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