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Friday, May 27, 2011

High socks = base knocks

Paul Janish has been slumping big-time lately: 0 for 21, a career record dry spell. Yesterday, he wore high socks for the first time since he's been called up, probably to try and change his luck. Apparently, it worked. He hit a 2 run single. Unfortunately, the pitching didn't hold up. Reds ended up losing, 10-4.

Marc Katz of the Dayton Daily News thinks the Reds should stick with Janish.

There’s a lot of whining going on among radio and television announcers covering the Reds over the lack of hitting at shortstop and left field.

But the Reds tried using sluggers at those positions before and finished with nine straight losing seasons. Now they have a shortstop in Paul Janish who saves more runs than he drives in, and, guess what? Last year the Reds won a division title with Janish playing almost every day at the end, and even now, with the team slumping, Cincinnati’s still very much in contention.

If there’s any position you can afford to have without a stick, it’s shortstop, if the guy’s good enough in the field.

I agree, and I think Dusty should commit to giving Janish 5-6 days a week at shortstop, regardless of how well he hits. Janish is still adjusting to big league pitching. Other teams are scouting him now, and making adjustments, and he's going to have to adjust in turn. Given the chance, he will. And I would guess he'll hit a lot better when he isn't worried that his next strikeout will result in being benched for Renteria.

The Reds are skidding, and Dusty Baker is getting worried. The bats are slumping, but the real problem is pitching. Hitters slump. Sometimes, the whole team goes into a slump at once. They'll get over it. Pitching is another issue. The Reds have a bunch of young talent who might eventually be aces, but right now, they are bunch of middle-to-back of the rotation guys who can't go deep into games. If they want post-season success, they need an ace. Getting another bat or two won't help. As the Yankees found out, hitters alone won't win a Series.


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